Notice to the Shareholders

Please be informed that the Board of Directors has decided to approve the following changes in the Prospectus:

  • Change to the definition of “Business Day” in Luxembourg and Denmark.
  • Change to the current maximum swing factor of 2%
  • Change to the section “Investment policy and specific restrictions”

Furthermore, the Board has approved the following amendments, which will be effective in a month:

  • The name of the sub fund “Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds” is now changed to “Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds (SRI)”.
  • The sub fund Jyske SICAV “Investment Grade Corporate Bonds (SRI)” may now invest directly in rated CoCos for less than 20% of its assets.”

Notice to shareholders of Jyske SICAV Danish Bonds
Notice to shareholders of  Jyske SICAV Equities Low Volatility
Notice to shareholders of Jyske SICAV Investment Grade Corporate Bonds (SRI)
Notice to share holders of Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds

 The Visa stamped Prospectus for the share classes will follow shortly and be available under the download section.