Stable Strategy

The Stable Strategy is an award-winning multi-asset strategy with a track record dating back to year 2000. The strategy combines Danish and International Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Emerging Market Bonds and Equities into a portfolio with the desired risk and return target.

In order to follow our profound investment philosophy we endeavour to follow a structured investment process. Our investment process consists of multiple steps that cover quantitative and qualitative steps.

Based on the output from the investment process, an overall risk target and optimal combination of assets classes for the portfolio is determined. The focus of this process is to maximise the expected Sharp Ratio under the given base case scenario. The multi-asset structure allow the portfolio manager to make tactical calls, active manager selection and/or individual security selection to optimise the portfolio within the given investment frames.

All investment decisions are taken in line with fixed decision processes based on the above-mentioned philosophy. This ensures consistency in the decisions and reduces the risk of decisions being influenced by behavioural finance and market psychology.

The strategy holds four Morningstars and was in 2016 awarded the best Mixed Asset EUR Conservative – Global (10 years) fund in the Nordics and United Kingdom by Lipper Fund Awards.