About Jyske SICAV

Jyske Sicav is distributed by Jyske Capital - one of Denmark's leading asset managers with total assets under management of more than EUR 16bn. We have more than 25 years of experience with asset management on behalf of retail clients, corporations, funds, public institutions, banks and institutional investors. We offer institutional clients solutions and funds in four key focus areas: global equities, corporate credit, Danish bonds and global currencies.

Historically, our strategies have been successfully distributed as both Danish UCITS and discretionary mandates, and since February 2017 as a range of Luxembourg SICAV sub-funds following the same investment strategies.

Jyske Capital is a part of the Jyske Bank Group, which was founded in 1967.  In total, Jyske Bank has app. 4,000 employees, and close to 100 retail branches. Jyske Bank is the second largest Danish bank, and declared a SIFI bank by the Danish FSA. Asset management is a significant business area of the Jyske Bank group. It accounts for a large part of the group's total income.