FundsRiskNAVChange in NAV
399.83 SEK0.08 %
4105.88 EUR-0.02 %
4105.39 EUR-0.02 %
5119.27 USD0.40 %
5104.15 EUR0.52 %
3102.32 DKK-0.09 %
3102.21 EUR-0.04 %
3105.43 EUR0.15 %
3104.93 EUR0.15 %
NAV updated 19/01/2018.


Net asset value (NAV), changes, etc. shown in the tables are indicative only. The information is stated without any liability on the part of Jyske SICAV. There is a risk that the information may not be entirely correct, for instance due to system breakdowns, operational errors or delivery failure from external suppliers, etc.


The update of NAV will occur once a day and only on Luxembourg banking days.

The Jyske SICAV certificates’ market values are determined by the NAV per certificate. The NAV equals the accounting amount of the fund's investments (securities, etc.) per outstanding certificate. The change in NAV is calculated a percentage of the differences between the current day’s NAV compared and to the NAV at about 18.00 CET on the preceding banking day. The rise and fall in equity and bond prices during the day will make changes in the fund’s carrying amount.

Normal procedure is that orders received by 13.00 CET is settled at the NAV of the day (published after 21.00 CET). Orders received later than 13:00 CET will be settled at the NAV of the subsequent banking day.

Purchase prices of the investor consist of NAV and possibly issue/entry costs. All costs are stated as a maximum fee for each fund in the Prospectus. The modified single pricing method for issues and redemptions are applied. This means that an adjustment factor for NAV is used.  The maximum adjustment factor is stated in the Prospectus under each fund.


The risk is based on the volatility of the fund using an estimate of the previous five years. The funds are assigned to an appropriate category on a numerical scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is the lowest risk and 7 the highest risk.