Jyske SICAV has updated its prospectus

In the download section of the homepage, you can find an updated prospectus. 

The most important changes are:

  • The umbrella holds a new sub-fund with the name “Investment Grade Corporate Bonds (SRI)”.
  • For the sub-fund High Yield Corporate Bonds the share classes denominated in SEK and NOK have been changed to currency hedged. The share classes are not yet open for subscription.
  • The valuation of money market instruments has changed.
  • The definition of US persons has been updated.
  • The collateral requirements for OTC derivatives have been clarified according to EMIR regulation.
  • Currency hedging on share class level has been specified in compliance with ESMA guidelines.
  • The definition of the Management Fee has changed to only cover the payments for the Investment Manager and the Global Distributor and the Management Fee for the sub-funds have been updated accordingly.
  • The text describing the fees for the Depositary and the Paying Agent has changed but there is no material changes.

Read updated prospectus