Jyske SICAV has updated its prospectus

In the download section of the homepage, you can find an updated prospectus with effect from July 2021. 

The Board has decided to introduce several changes to the Prospectus. The most important changes are:

  • Addition of section 4.10 “Partial exemption under the German Investment Tax Act 2018 ("GITA") for the sub-funds Jyske SICAV Equities Low Volatility, Jyske SICAV Danish Bonds, Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds (SRI) and Jyske SICAV Investment Grade Corporate Bonds (SRI).
  • Amendment of  section 11 “Distribution policy” in the supplement 3 – JYSKE SICAV HIGH YIELD CORPORATE BONDS (SRI). Only the Share Class GBP ID will pay out a dividend quarterly. 

Download prospectus